The journey of British music through the 60s set the World on fire. This decade and the scene throughout London pulsated across oceans & generations alike. Mind-blowing bands, books, magazines, clothes, people; beatniks, folkies, mods, rockers, weirdos, beatsters, bluesers, hippies, movers, shakers, questers of every stripe.
    Trends and movements merged and bubbled, bringing constant surprise. For years, it never let up, not for a moment, day or night – too much excitement to hold anyone with a dream to the straight and narrow. Nothing was impossible. Turn on, tune in and drop out. Do your own thing. Venues became as iconic as the legends that played in them, the only way to be happening was to be there.
    Because the decade provokes such emotion & pride throughout the London music scene then & today, promoters, venues & artists have united bringing you a program of live music that will get you swinging & grooving, shaking & twisting.
    If you would like to be listing in the 60s London Live program drop us a line & take your places, settle down and put your hands together for tonight’s first act........

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